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This trademark registration site is dedicated to helping you register your trade mark and all aspects of trademark law and brand protection. We provide full support on all trademark and brand protection matters, including:

Trademark registration services in the UK, Europe, and internationally | FREE name availability searches | FREE legal advice on trade mark conflicts | Advice on name and brand hijacks | Assistance in domain name disputes | Support for new product development | Advice on brand protection strategies | Name creation services

Take advantage of our free legal consultation service. You will receive immediate practical legal advice completely free of charge from our specialist Trade Mark Advice Unit.

Get FREE Legal Advice from our specialist lawyers ...Why you should protect your brand?

FREE preliminary search and trademark registration quotation.  
Beware! Company and domain name registration is not enough! ..How to protect your business name.  
Recent case studies showing the importance of protecting your legal trade mark.  
Get global trademark protection with just ONE trademark application.  
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